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bigbadlulu, the one true BBL, diagnosed bitchism spectrum disorder, internet gf, comedienne to audiences of two or three, heart-print fiend, fat body and skinny mind, tumblr girlie, i'm weird, i'm a weirdo.
                            xoxo BBL

'fangirl' has been a fundamental part of my identity since the age of 14, when i began writing a 200,000+ word fan fiction where i was in a love triangle with harry styles and andrew garfield's peter parker.


my work utilises nostalgic digital aesthetics and girly-pop culture, to celebrate and indulge in what it means to be a fangirl, through a feminist, bisexual lens.

my practice largely consists of digital and physical painting, creating video-collage / fanedit content, and inventing new star wars characters and stories.



BA Fine Art, Kingston School of Art

Exhibitions & Residencies

June 2022

A Temporary Landing, Kingston School of Art Degree Show

Dec 2021

Input Output, Stanley Picker Gallery

Aug 2021

02/Sensory, X Collab, Stanley Picker Gallery

Jun 2021

01/Blue, X Collab, Stanley Picker Gallery

May 2021

Extra! Extra!, Stanley Picker Gallery

Jan 2021

Institute of Proposals - Virtual Residency

Mar 2020

Amongst 1&0, Kingston University

Nov 2019

Grid Show, Platform Gallery, Kingston University

Additional Professional Experience


3 consecutive years assisting in providing extracurricular arts education to Key Stage 4 students with the National Saturday Club Trust.





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